First you should know, that you are not working everyday. That means you’ll get days off, like in your home country.  In general you will plan your stay with the host of your selected rescue service a few weeks before your arrival. If you want to do some bigger trips for example about 4-5 days you should inform your host. In case you’re a spontaneous one it shouldn’t be a problem for your host if he’s/she’s a bit flexible, but we cannot give you a guarantee. Let’s show you an example:

Week 1: Dayshifts (12h) on Monday Wednesday Friday. Off on Tuesday Thursday Saturday and Sunday. On the Weekend you can do easily a 2 day trip alone or with some friends.

Week2: Nightshifts (12h) on Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Off Thursday until Monday.

You have 5 days off for a bigger trip! Let’s have some fun on maybe Las Vegas?