When you sign up you agree to our terms and conditions and must adhere to the guidelines.

Either party has the right to end the exchange.

When different cultures with different ideals meet it is almost natural that there may be some little conflicts. But don’t bury your head in the sand! Communication is not only on duty important, but in every part of our lives.

Be sure you have outlined very clearly what you expect from the Trainee during their stay with you.

This applies to the Trainees as well!

Sometimes for whatever reason the visit may not work out.

In that case be honest, kind and explain to the other party it is just not working out.

If you’re a host, remember that the Trainee will need a lift to the train,bus or time to find a new host or accommodation.

Act immediately if you think it’s not a right fit. You are not required to keep the Trainee, or to stay at the host, when things don’t work out.


We appeal to your common sense, guys. Treat each other always with respect.