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Host – Trainee & Travel

Create a  positive workplace culture

Hosting foreign certified paramedics will ease the burden on your full time staff, attract new employees and increase job satisfaction.

Being a host…

Give paramedics the opportunity to share knowledge & skills and increase cultural awareness to create an open-minded workplace.

As a host you must


  • an EMS with at least one ambulance


  • 24-48 hours work per week
  • a Trainee-buddy, who is a direct contact for the volunteer
  • work clothes & comfortable accommodation for the Trainee

Be an ambassador for your EMS and provide a safe haven for Trainees

Treat Trainees like you treat your own employees

When you open up your workplace, your second home, and your heart to Trainees from all over the world, you pave the way for amazing cultural experiences.

Join Trainee & Travel

Trainees will bring

What’s in it for you?


24-48 hours in 7 days per Trainee.


Attract new employees.

Healthy workplace

Lighten the load and prevent psychosocial illness.


Gain access to thousands of volunteers.

Become a host

What does the process look like?

Our Plans

For more information click on the box!


99,00/12 months
  • Less than 100 Employees
  • Access to the Paramedic Network
  • Verification by our Trainee & Travel Staff
  • Several Video Trainings
  • Exclusive Online Live Events


199,00/12 months
  • 100-500 Employees
  • Access to the Paramedic Network
  • Verification by our Trainee & Travel Staff
  • Several Video Trainings
  • Exclusive Online Live Events


299,00/12 months
  • +500 Employees
  • Access to the Paramedic Network
  • Verification by our Trainee & Travel Staff
  • Several Video Trainings
  • Exclusive Online Live Events

Ready to create a new & healthy workplace for Paramedics?

It’s up to you to change the world.


Trainee & Travel is still in its infancy so please be patient with us and contact us for more improvements!

Make sure your Host profile includes following points:
  • contact details
  • a detailed property description
  • Work/tasks to be done
  • meal and accommodation arrangements
  • location

Trainees volunteer at your rescue service and live at a guesthouse arranged by the Host or the Trainees themselves. For a better exchange we recommend you to provide a Host, which can be any of your workers.

Living together is a complete new experience for both, the Host and the Trainees. Nonetheless you will share your rooms as you do when friends or relatives visit.

The minimum stay should be 2 weeks to gain as much insights as possible. But it is up to the host and Trainee.

Before you decide to become a host…

… consider the following issues as you may need to deal with it:

  • Some Trainees have never left their home country
  • There may be some cultural differences or in lifestyle, personality and language, that can lead to misunderstandings.


That’s why we love GOOD COMMUNICATION

It’s essential between Hosts und Trainees!

We believe that it’s going to be a memorable and unforgettable experience for Hosts when both, Hosts and Trainees, show patience, understanding and compassion.

Before you apply online to become a host, please read the host guidelines and obligations carefully. If done so, set up your own profile and show yourself, your team and your department from as many different angles as possible.

Even if you think that you’re maybe with some things “aside from the norm” – show it! That adds to the diversity of the Trainee & Travel program.


Let Trainees find you

Your Host profile will be online on our website.

Post regular advertisement on our network and keep your profile for your followers updated!

Trainees will find you through advertisement, your posts and especially key words, so be sure to include some individual key words like: EMS Provider, Chicago Fire Department, TCCC-classes available in August & Oktober 2020

Our Host Guidelines

Trainees provide photo ID and proof of membership on arrival

The Trainees will get a certification automatically with their registration.

Hosts keep a Guestbook…

…for Trainees to sign and record their Membership user name, visa type and dates of their visit. Please download this sample Guestbook page.

The most important experience for Trainees…

…is to learn about your rescue service and your working methods. Be patient and available with them whenever possible. Demonstrate how tools and equipment work to avoid breakages and injuries.

Your Trainee is your employee

Give them some tasks, that had to be done, even if they are very basic. Show them your daily routines and integrate them as you would like to be integrated in a new work field.

Trainee & Travel is a voluntary, non-monetary exchange

Explain daily and weekly patterns so Trainees can organize their weeks.

They are willing to volunteer for 24-48 hours/week in exchange for a comfortable accommodation, (if possible food) and learning. If possible try to be a bit flexible so Trainees have also some free days to travel around and get even closer to your country.

To avoid misunderstandings stay in frequent touch and discuss your conditions, the shifts and the place they will work on. We recommend 3 dayshifts (each 12h) but no more than 4 within 7 days. It’s up to both parties to work nightshifts too.

It’s a natural for Trainees…

…to keep their living area clean and tidy. They will also help the Host from their guesthouses with the meals, washing up and usual housework. If, for any reason, they don’t know how to clean a bathroom be patient and show them.

As a Rescue service Host make sure to provide a host, where the Trainees can stay. Here are some options: a spare or separate room in their home, a shared room.

A piece of advice

Ask about special diets. If you cannot cater for this, ask Trainees to bring any special food.

It’s ok if you cannot provide a guestroom or anything else. But please make a note in your profile and point that out in your conversation!

Accommodation must be adequate and hygienic

Make sure the bedding is clean, comfortable an warm.

Hosts are Ambassadors for their country

We’re one team, with one dream. As an ambassador of Trainee & Travel you do not only accept our vision. You are a part of it! That’s why you treat the Trainees as members of your own team, if not as your own family.  We help each other and we’re there for each other.

Trainees will use public transport

Picking Trainees up from the nearest bus, train or airport by arrangement is helpful. Always exchange mobile numbers in case of problems.

We hope this will never happen but…

… If Trainees violate your house rules or don’t follow the Trainee & Travel Guidelines you may ask them to leave. But before you do so offer them internet or phone access to find another place to stay. Be kind and always respectful and offer them a lift to the next transportation spot, if needed.

Things we cannot tolerate!

Abusive language, inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment of any kind against Hosts or Trainees.

If we receive complaints about something like that, your membership may be cancelled.

If you like for example hugging or yelling for fun at somebody, be in note that maybe not everyone is comfortable with that. Do us all a favor and show consideration.

Trainee & Travel will persistently and by chance look after some Host/Trainee profiles to ensure compliance with our guidelines.

Trainee&Travel is strictly voluntary

Hosts and Trainees must be fully aware of the different regulations governing holders of Working Holiday, Student and Visitor (Tourist) visas.

Responsibilities for Hosts

We want the Hosts and the Trainees to be safe!

The hosts are responsible for the Trainees’ safety.

When registering as a Host, you agree and confirm that:

Your account belongs to you

That’s means you are responsible for your account security and content. Do not share your account details with any other person!

Trust comes from honesty

Use your real name, address and contact details;

All the other information you provide will be accurate and true;

Any Trainee you accept will benefit from the cultural exchange.

Treat all Trainees with respect.

As a registered Host, you acknowledge that:

You are using Trainee & Travel entirely at your own risk and we expressly exclude all liability for any loss or damage you, your family, your reputation, your business or your property may suffer as a result of using Trainee & Travel.

Trainee & Travel Hosts must comply with the relevant rules and laws in your jurisdiction (if any) especially with regard to tax & insurance.

Download Agreement
Download Guestbook
What type of voluntary tasks do Trainees do?2020-08-13T13:43:45+02:00

Generally Trainees help out with and learn about whatever their co-workers are doing.

Above all your task will be to accompany your international colleagues to the emergency calls. Depends on the country and your abilities but you are meant to assist the care or even to treat patients by yourself while getting assisted. It can include all aspects of keeping medicines ready, intubating, assisting in transport preparation and more.

You may get also some basic tasks that just have to be done like bringing out the garbage.

Note: You will also get different tasks at your accommodation, e.g. cleaning up your room.

Your accommodation is no hotel, so it’s natural keeping your living area tidy or helping with the meals.


In regards to the 24-48h/week we highly recommend you discuss this with the host prior to your visit as this may be important for your travel plans.

How do I pay?2020-09-11T16:13:38+02:00

We offer payment by PayPal. Within Paypal you’re able to pay via most credit cards or bank deposit, even without an PayPal account.


What if things don’t work out?2020-08-13T13:45:50+02:00

When you sign up you agree to our terms and conditions and must adhere to the guidelines.

Either party has the right to end the exchange.

When different cultures with different ideals meet it is almost natural that there may be some little conflicts. But don’t bury your head in the sand! Communication is not only on duty important, but in every part of our lives.

Be sure you have outlined very clearly what you expect from the Trainee during their stay with you.

This applies to the Trainees as well!

Sometimes for whatever reason the visit may not work out.

In that case be honest, kind and explain to the other party it is just not working out.

If you’re a host, remember that the Trainee will need a lift to the train,bus or time to find a new host or accommodation.

Act immediately if you think it’s not a right fit. You are not required to keep the Trainee, or to stay at the host, when things don’t work out.


We appeal to your common sense, guys. Treat each other always with respect.

Does Trainee & Travel screen members?2020-09-11T16:31:20+02:00

Although we deserve the right to do background checks, there are no general screenings of the members. But if a Trainee ist verified(blue-white tick in their profile)  it means that one of our Staff has seen the Member, his passport and his Certification/Qualification via videochat. We also save copies from their contract of employment and qualification and proof random samples.

As a host you should always ask for the qualification certificate.

Is it automatic renewal?2020-08-13T13:48:05+02:00

Yes it is automatic renewal, because your profile would be shut down when your membership would expire. But we don’t want to put you under stress finding a host or cut your contact while you’re matching up!

As long as your membership is active you have the chance to start over and over internships or stay connected to your international colleagues.

If you don’t want to be a part of Trainee & Travel anymore you can easily with a few clicks in your profile.

How do I become a Trainee & Travel Host?2020-08-13T13:49:23+02:00

There are a few rules & requirements for becoming a host. If you have read carefully the following site and comply with our terms, you just have to choose a membership and register online to become a host.

After signing up you will get further information about the process.

How do I find Hosts / Trainees and contact them?2020-09-11T16:46:09+02:00

After signing up and creating your own profile you are ready to take off! You can search for some key words to find groups or people.  Also make sure to scroll through your feed to get famous updates from both, hosts and Trainees.

Just leave a comment, a like or visit their profile to send them a private message.

Why Trainee & Travel2020-08-13T13:51:02+02:00

Because we are passionate about linking people, especially essential workers, for one reason. We believe that every human on this earth deserves the best care when in need, and you guys are doing a great job out there! Only if we never stop learning and have the chance to get various perspectives from our work and the world, we can improve ourselves.

Just as important is for us to stick together and to stand up in every nation for our rights and appreciation we deserve for the work we’re doing out there!

That is why we think it is essential for all of us, paramedics, nurses, firefighters, etc. to help each other face to face and online.

We are curious what the world has ready for us, you too?

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